Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A few of my current favorite things

Go ahead, cue the song from The Sound of Music. 

7.  blooming Confederate Jasmine

I'm pretty confident that this wouldn't smell so intoxicating if it were named "Yankee Jasmine."  Just sayin'. . .

6.  The Steve Harvey Morning Show

Apparently, Steve has found Jesus and cleaned up his act.  I wouldn't know because I was never a fan of his stand-up or movies.  But I faithfully listen to his morning radio program - and am usually laughing so hard that I am literally running off the road.  He calls it like it is.  I like people like that. 

5.  Mar Y Sol handbags
Does it get ANY cuter?  

4.  Masterpiece Theatre

If loving Masterpiece is wrong, I don't wanna be right.  It's the final bastion of civility on television.

3.  Ipod shuffle
It has NO bells and whistles and is so-very-last-decade.  It doesn't stream video or send emails or commune with extra-terrestrials. But my shuffle takes me through my afternoon walks, loaded up with Jamiroquai and Stevie Wonder and AC/DC.  I love you, little shuffy.


2.  U-pick strawberries


1.  my Darling, my Man

This won't be a "current" fave, but a lifetime one.  None of the usual cliches apply to him - he never leaves his socks on the floor, he does just as much housework as I do, and he always does what he says he will do. I still get giddy when I hear him mention my name.  How did I get so lucky?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Squeal Heard 'Round the Neighborhood

Ahhhh, orchids. They require little care (just a bit of weekly watering) and their gorgeous flowers last for months.

I've bought them, already blooming. Then, when the prettiness disappears, I've tried to get them to re-bloom, but to no avail, usually because I'm too childish and impatient to continue feeding them for months on end while they "regather steam" to re-bloom.

But y'all, I stuck it out.  And last week, when I saw these three little green buds (and new little leaf) on my kitchen windowsill orchid, I SQUEALED!!!! 

My "green thumb" is more of a chartreuse shade, so you can understand how excited I was.  To me, this feat was akin to completing a 10K or baking a souffle. 

Please pardon the dirty dishes in the sink.  This is real life, people.

A precious thought ocurred to me.

We are like these little buds on the orchid.

If we are in Christ, we re-bud. Our blooms don't become spent and then we wither away.  We re-bud because He re-budded.  He was resurrected! The same mighty power that lifted Our Savior from the grave lives in me and you - the Holy Spirit. (Romans 8:11) Try wrapping your brain around that one. 

Oh, how lovely are Easter and orchids.

Hopefully, I'll have a fabulous post in a few weeks with photos of stunning blooms.  Keep your fingers crossed.  It'll be a first for me.

Friday, April 1, 2011


I just love everything about spring. 

I love that the outdoors begins to sing with color.  In the Wiregrass, camelias, azaleas, dogwoods, and wisteria are in full bloom.  I love to bring some of that cheer inside, pop it in a glass of water, and enjoy.

I love old-fashioned Easter "decor, " too.

But what I love MOST is that spring is a celebration of the rejuvenation we experience, not just in nature, but in Jesus Christ.

Yes, I am the vine, you are the branches.  Whoever lives in me and I in Him shall produce a large crop of fruit. For apart from me, you cannot do a thing. - John 15:5

Don't 'ya love the vine analogy? Especially in spring?


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