Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Squeal Heard 'Round the Neighborhood

Ahhhh, orchids. They require little care (just a bit of weekly watering) and their gorgeous flowers last for months.

I've bought them, already blooming. Then, when the prettiness disappears, I've tried to get them to re-bloom, but to no avail, usually because I'm too childish and impatient to continue feeding them for months on end while they "regather steam" to re-bloom.

But y'all, I stuck it out.  And last week, when I saw these three little green buds (and new little leaf) on my kitchen windowsill orchid, I SQUEALED!!!! 

My "green thumb" is more of a chartreuse shade, so you can understand how excited I was.  To me, this feat was akin to completing a 10K or baking a souffle. 

Please pardon the dirty dishes in the sink.  This is real life, people.

A precious thought ocurred to me.

We are like these little buds on the orchid.

If we are in Christ, we re-bud. Our blooms don't become spent and then we wither away.  We re-bud because He re-budded.  He was resurrected! The same mighty power that lifted Our Savior from the grave lives in me and you - the Holy Spirit. (Romans 8:11) Try wrapping your brain around that one. 

Oh, how lovely are Easter and orchids.

Hopefully, I'll have a fabulous post in a few weeks with photos of stunning blooms.  Keep your fingers crossed.  It'll be a first for me.

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