Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veterans Day

This day should cause us all to consider our blessings as Americans and it should fill our hearts with gratitude for those who have served us in the United States military.

What have these men and women's sacrifices enabled me to do?  (I'm in a reflective mood, people.)

It's 7:30 a.m., and so far this morning I have done the following:

1.  woken up in a warm, comfortable home, where I feel safe and free from attack.  There are no mortar shells exploding over my head and no one is trying to mess with me.  I can pretty much do as I please today.

2.  walked out to the driveway to procure our newspaper.  Soldiers have died to ensure and protect our freedoms, one of which is freedom of the press.  Our nation's founders, those who crafted the documents that define our liberties, took great personal risks for my sake. Many of them were or became veterans.  Their sons and grandsons took up the cause of freedom and fought alongside others to defend our way of life, the one you and I enjoy today.

3.  turned on our sprinkler to water our lawn.  WHAT???? You mean, I have extraneous, clean water that I can just use to hydrate my petty camellias???  In many places in our world, people have no access to safe drinking water and I am using it on plants.  Our soldiers fight and die so that Americans can continue to prosper and thrive (to a ridiculous degree) without threat.

Thank you, veterans - past, present, and future - who courageously, selflessly, and sacrificially give their all.   Thank you to my Papaw, my father-in-law, my great uncle, and the thousands of others.  Thank you.

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