Sunday, February 13, 2011

My thoughts on this process. . .

The husband-ator (my action-hero man of a spouse) has been pushing me to start a blog for a while. 
And finally it's off the ground.  But still I am beset by the nagging feeling that "blogging" is one of the
ultimate acts of self-aggrandizing - that is, that we market and trumpet and package ourselves to the
world in a blog and that it's banal at best and grandiose at worst.


Maybe I am wrong.  It can be quite fun to visit a friend's blog and "peek" into their life.  Is this what
we are offering through our posts - glimpses into who we are? 

Perhaps I'll just brew a cup of herbal tea and go for a walk.  This philosophical posturing will pass. :)


  1. MBBD!! So glad you are doing this... I will love being able to peek into your life!! Love you, girl...

  2. Not always about self aggrandizing. You could use this to supplement your teaching. Instead of having to explain the apostrophe thing a million times, just point them to the A.M.N.D. post. Quiz them on your musings a la Gilderoy Lockhart.

  3. I'm just blown away that my very proper sister is so darn funny :) You either need to write a great American novel or a really funny cookbook. Who knew the ex-journalist was the only writer in the family???



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